You and Me and the Dragon Makes Three

Riding the Chain
The adventure begins. Unsteadily and haltingly.

Dumping the body was the easy part. But then someone stumbled, and there was a clattering down the hall. Enough clattering to make getting out before the inferno consumed the tunnel tricky. Immediately, Cole spotted the chain. A massive piece of construction, but climable. The party began climbing as the chain began to lower, and it was only after Cole scaled the chain quickly and assualted a minimum wage city employee that the party managed to ascend into a maintenance room. An act of legerdemain by Shank let her show a badge to the guard, who saw the city crest and asked no further questions, showing them out.

The next night Shank and Xayide took a night on the town, Xayide going to pains to make Shank presentable. They seduced a duo performing that night, Verus and Falsus. Verus spotted Shank as she was sneaking out with his coinpurse in her hand. A fight ensued, and the bouncer was persuaded not to call the town guard. But he still required Xayide and Shank to leave, even though he suspected Verus of less than gentlemanly behavior.

There was a meeting with Count Bartimeus, who wished to sponsor the party in a journey to his logging mill to investigate a sudden cessation of activities. The party agreed, and Bartimeus celebrated with good cheer and drink.

Established Lore:
The city is named Aligah
The city has a massive network of sewers filled with all manner of unspeakable things. Maitenence is done via magical inferno.
The seal of Aligah is an armored man standing over the head of a dragon
The god of the city is Aldan, and his domains are ignorance, children, chastity, liquor, forgiveness, and death.

Verus and Falsus are bards. Both are charming and pleasant. Falsus is more impressive, and Verus is sharper.

The Shadiest Inn is located near the bustling city square, under an enormous tourist attraction of a tree.
Count Bartimeus has logging operations

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